Know The Symptoms of Addiction to Play Online Poker

Know The Symptoms of Addiction to Play Online Poker

Addiction is something common in online poker and you don’t have to avoid the games at all because you can fight it. You need to detect it from yourself too and you have addiction if you:

  • Feel to be more secretive about these games

When people have addiction, they want to gamble in secret and probably, they will lie about the facts and also statistics related to the gambling. In order to make them safe from being captured by families or friends, they will lie about anything like how much you play poker casino, how much money you have spent, how many times you play in single game or else. You think it is no use at all to tell others because they might not understand about what you do and you just want to give the surprise when you hit the big win and you take the winning money home or even jackpot and they might not be suspicious at all.

  • Feel hard to control the gambling

Before gambling, you need to ask yourself whether you can control yourself or not? Can you stop and walk away from it? Or perhaps, you want to gamble until you spend the last penny inside your pocket and raise the bets to get the lost money back. If you finish the game with all money you have for that day but you still want more and you take another saving to play, then you can’t control the game at all.